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NICE 2010
I believe in a positive and open training environment, with the right balance
of challenge and support, to provide the best opportunity for real learning.

Samaritans Workplace Trainer

Group of People in Training


safeTALK is a half-day alertness training that prepares anyone over the age of 15,

regardless of prior experience or training, to become a suicide-alert helper.

Most people with thoughts of suicide don’t truly want to die, but are struggling with

the pain in their lives. Through their words and actions, they invite help to stay

alive. safeTALK-trained helpers can recognize these invitations and take action by

connecting them with life-saving intervention resources, such as caregivers trained in ASIST.

Since its development in 2006, safeTALK has been used in over 20 countries

around the world, and more than 200 selectable video vignettes have been

produced to tailor the program’s audio-visual component for diverse audiences.

safeTALK-trained helpers are an important part of suicide-safer communities,

“Was a superb course and not only educated but gave comfort to those who had experienced suicide! 

Highly recommended.”

Glasgow North East Foodbank

Training features:

  • Presentations and guidance from an experienced LivingWorks registered trainer
  • Access to support from a local community resource person
  • Powerful audiovisual learning aids
  • The simple yet effective TALK steps: Tell, Ask, Listen, and KeepSafe
  • Hands-on skills practice and development

“Having worked with Carolyn on various suicide intervention training courses,

 I view her as an excellent trainer. Her passion for helping those at risk, her

determination to help delegates at courses and get the most from the learning is

inspiring.  Her approach can only be described as extremely professional and efficient.

She easily establishes good working relationships involving mutual respect and

understanding. Carolyn always takes time to listen to people, respects their

opinions and delivers messages professionally. She is a very confident individual

who always prepares well for the work she’s involved in.”

Senior Learning and Education Adviser at NHSGG&C

Small workgroup

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

ASIST is for everyone, whether you are a professional, volunteer, student, unemployed or retired.

I actively encourage all businesses, regardless of your industry, to get your staff

trained in ASIST to build a strong suicide safer working community.

ASIST Features:

  • Presentations and guidance from two experienced LivingWorks registered trainers
  • A scientifically proven intervention model
  • Powerful audiovisual learning aids
  • Group discussions
  • Skills practice and development
  • A balance of challenge and safety

ASIST Benefits:

  • Everyone can make a difference in preventing suicide.
  • Suicide Intervention Skills complement existing training and knowledge.
  • Virtually anyone aged 16 and older can learn the skills to intervene

and save a life from suicide.

  • The training is comprehensive and doesn’t rely on prior qualifications.

Everyone can have the same meaningful experience as a professional caregiver.

  • The more people who have suicide intervention training, the more likely it is

they will be able to identify someone at risk and intervene to keep them safe.

“Valuable course – fitted in with previous safe talk and felt like a good progression.”

“Excellent, thank you.  Really valuable, new knowledge.”

“Carolyn was a fantastic trainer who made me feel at ease in what I was doing.”

“Very compassionate and competent…encouraged all those in the training”


Bespoke Follow-on Suicide Intervention Training

For certain services and groups you may want follow-on training after

 completing an ASIST course to address your specific needs.

As an experienced ASIST Trainer along with my vast experience within the suicide

prevention & intervention fields I create bespoke training to support your services’

particular and individual needs and requirements.

 “Fantastic, Carolyn is very empathic, skilled and professional.”


Bespoke Training & Workshops 

Do you have an idea for a workshop but don’t want the hassle of developing and facilitating it?

Then leave all that in the hands of someone who thrives on this

and feel confident that you will be getting the highest quality training.

What the process looks like:

  • An initial meeting will decide on the what, when, where and how of the training requested.
  • During the process of development there will be updates on progress

and check-ins, the level of this will be determined within the initial meeting.

  • A post development meeting will be held to evaluate the development,

altered as required and signed off.

  • The training will take place.
  • A post training meeting will be held once the training/workshop

has been delivered for evaluation purposes.

  • A report will be written and this will complete the process.

“ Carolyn is excellent, engaging and personable”