Feeling Suicidal | Pure Potential Scotland
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Feeling Suicidal

dark sky with sun breaking through clouds

If you are thinking about killing your self you can feel assured that

you will be met with compassion, honesty, and understanding.

Through creative exploration and discussion you will gain a new understanding of suicide

and see how killing your self became the ‘only way out’.

Some people’s thoughts change into detailed planning, into how they are going to

kill themselves, whereas others teeter on the border with ever

increasing phases of overwhelming suicidal thinking.

Some people’s thoughts move into action and attempt suicide, and some, sadly, complete suicide.

You may be one of these people who has survived a suicide attempt and may be feeling

relieved, happy, angry, sad, numb, confused or any other range of emotions.

What and who is it that you are wanting to escape from?

If there was an alternative ‘way out’ from what you are experiencing, would you take it?

What if you are not the person you hate or the person you are so tired of trying to be?

What if the TRUE YOU is actually ‘lost’, ‘trapped’ or ‘stuck’ and waiting to be found?

I want to talk to YOU

If you are not ready for this, there are helplines where you can talk to someone anonymously:

Breathing Space:

0800 83 85 87

Open Monday – Thursday 6pm-2am and Friday 6pm – Monday 6am


116 123

Open all the time

Both numbers are free from mobiles and landlines