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Man in despair with raised hands and bowed hand, in a low light room looking in front of mirror

It may be that you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, or that you have lost someone to suicide,

or you may be a helper to someone who is suicidal, whichever one it is, you can feel assured that

you will be met with compassion, honesty, and understanding.

680 people were recorded to have died by suicide in Scotland in 2017

in reality, there are tragically many more.

Suicidal thoughts are much more common than most people realise. Its estimated that

5% of the population are experiencing suicidal thoughts in the population at any one time.

In my experience it is a lot more than that, but the stigma, taboo and fear that still exists around suicide,

keeps people from telling others about these thoughts when they have them.

Here are some useful phone numbers where you can talk confidentially with someone:

Breathing Space:

0800 83 85 87


116 123

Both numbers are free from mobiles and landlines

For those bereaved by suicide: Touched By Suicide 01294 274273