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Research & Consultancy

“Carolyn is passionate and knowledgeable around the theme of suicide and distress and this comes through clearly in her work.  She went above and beyond the brief and was able to work in a sensitive, supportive and engaging way with the local people she was consulting with.  We were delighted with the end result and the useful and considered recommendations that came with the final report.  I would have no hesitation recommending or commissioning Carolyn and Pure Potential Scotland again in the future.”

Susie Heywood, Health Improvement Senior, 

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

My latest work with Health Improvement North East Glasgow has been researching the need for

an Out of Hours Crisis Cafe for this area.

I have a desire to understand why suicide and mental distress are at the rates they are within our communities.  The good news is suicide rates across Scotland are continuing to come down. But the bad news is that the suicide rate in Glasgow is significantly higher than Scotland as a whole.

Did you know that 60% of individuals in Scotland who died by suicide had been prescribed a mental health drug in the year prior to their death?

What does this say about our understanding of suicide within our health care systems?

This is just one statistic. I am interested in going beneath the statistics and giving voice to who these people are or were. I am passionate about people and life. The type of research I get involved in is to give voice to real people for real change NOW!

With my experience and knowledge of working within suicide prevention, my understanding of the importance of joined up working between all support structures along with my passion for positive change, I bring a creative and fresh approach to meet your needs.

‘Many thanks for coming through to Glenrothes last week and giving us such an informative presentation’

Dorothy Woolley, Choose Life Development Officer (Fife)

Current Research: Who’s Supporting the Supporters?

So far…

125 survey responses

13 fascinating and eye opening interviews

Read my latest blog post ‘At risk at work?’

Across the generations

My expertise lies in my ability to engage with diverse communities and to be willing to get involved with challenging situations and seek solutions.


I am able to facilitate the development of new ventures or harness the potential of existing structures and support their growth to success.

Diverse Groups

I am a member of the steering group for the North East Glasgow Suicide Prevention Forum and am actively involved in working with service providers and individuals to ensure that communities get the support they need.


If you are looking for something different but can’t find what that is, then calling in the specialist research and consultancy services of Pure Potential Scotland will support you to find a solution that not only fits, but transforms.