Childhood Separation | Pure Potential Scotland
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Childhood Separation

Lonesome woman on a sea shore.

Growing up in care or boarding school can have a profound and prolonged effect on your emotional development.

 Suppression of your emotions and experiences is common place and this can continue into adulthood.

 Growing up in an institution can not replace growing up in a loving home.

Depending on the level of nurture you received while growing up will have differing effects

on how you perceive yourself, others and the world, and this along with the circumstances that

led to you being placed in care, may have had a long lasting impact on you.

Whether you grew up in the state care system or the private school system, Pure Potential Scotland

provides a safe space to process your emotions and experiences without fear of ridicule or prejudice.

 Counselling will give you an opportunity to reconnect to your emotional self and

learn to trust yourself and others again.