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Awakening in the forest

Empowering Me Workshops

First series of 3 workshops on Saturday afternoons

  1. Masculine & Feminine
  2. The Light & the Dark
  3. Endings & Beginnings
16th September 2017 2 – 5pm: Empowering Me: The Light & the Shadow

How do you see the light and the shadow within you?

Do you reject a part of you because it is unpleasant/not nice/unacceptable?

Do you focus on your strengths or your weaknesses?

Are you secretly hiding your light?

4th November 2017 2 – 5pm: Empowering Me: Endings & Beginnings

What do endings mean to you?

How are you with letting things go?

Do you welcome new beginnings or dread them?

Are you holding yourself back from starting something new?

In these workshops, you will explore things that might be holding you back in life

and create space to embrace more of who you are.

We will play with these polarities utilising various therapeutic techniques

including movement, expressive arts, and heart connection exercises;

within a space that is both safe and challenging, both inspiring and grounding,

and with depth and humour.


Only 12 spaces available per workshop.

All workshops being held in Studio 70, 70 Victoria Road, Glasgow, G42 7AA.