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Creative Consultancy

23 Aug Creative Consultancy

When people think of a consultant many conjour up memories, first or second hand, of a game playing, cold hearted, ego centric who comes into an organisation to ‘clear it out’ using a formulaic approach.


As the Director of Pure Potential Scotland, I want to offer you the chance to create a different memory, to experience a different type of consultant.


I want to offer you the opportunity to experience consultancy carried out with care, compassion and integrity without losing any of the focused, goal orientated and strategic planning.


At Pure Potential Scotland we do just this.  We achieve results without compromising our principles and we know that you want to achieve the same. We offer heart centred Creative Consultancy.


8 reasons to choose Pure Potential Scotland as your Consultant:


  • Specialised in the areas of suicide, crisis and distress.


  • Experienced at working with challenging issues.


  • Knowledgeble at dealing with difficult circumstances.


  • Accomplished communicator at strategic, operational and community levels.


  • Adept at engaging with diverse communities.


  • Uses humour to break down barriers and challenge stigma.


  • Skilled at finding solutions in problem focused areas.


  • Incorporates the use of film and audio to reach audiences in innovative and interactive ways through collaborating with Scottish filmmaker, thirteen squared.


To discuss how Pure Potential Scotland could work with your service please contact Carolyn E Wood



“Carolyn is passionate and knowledgeable around the theme of suicide and distress and this comes through clearly in her work.  She went above and beyond the brief and was able to work in a sensitive, supportive and engaging way with the local people she was consulting with.  We were delighted with the end result and the useful and considered recommendations that came with the final report.  I would have no hesitation recommending or commissioning Carolyn and Pure Potential Scotland again in the future.”

Susie Heywood, Health Improvement Senior, 

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

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