Life Transitions | Pure Potential Scotland
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Life Transitions

portrait of  sitting senior man at home

At different points throughout our lives there will be times of significant change,

some chosen, others out of our control.

Examples of life transitions are:

  • Leaving home to go to college
  • Getting married
  • Retirement
  • Relationship ending
  • Moving to a new country or city

Whether chosen or not, whether perceived as positive or not,

 these times of transition can bring with them mixed feelings

which may include fear, doubt, anger, and loss.

Giving yourself permission to feel these feelings and understand them

can be the gateway to freeing yourself up in order to step into the

next stage of your life with steadiness and excitement.

“I didn’t feel I had anything left worth living for,

I had lost my mum and then had a stroke,

I wasn’t able to return to work,

I was surprised how much it helped to talk 

I feel more positive about the future now.”

Male, 62