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Creative Therapy

“I found Carolyn’s creative approach to therapy very effective. I have worked with

many therapists and facilitators over the years and found Carolyn’s creative,

active way of working gentle yet profound. I often refer back to the session we had

and have found myself continue making connections to personal blocks

I encountered in the process. I am still unravelling solutions from the experience 

I had working with Carolyn.  I think the fact Carolyn involves her client

proactively in the process makes it much more memorable and useful to refer back

to in the future.”

Female, 40

Within Creative Therapy, I use a variety of expressive arts

including writing, painting, drawing and clay/plasticine.

I use object referencing, movement and storytelling to support you.

The medium is dependent on what you want to work with and

what best suits your needs.

Close up gouache colors in the banks on the floor

Why use a creative approach?

We can get caught in cycles of self destructive behaviour in an attempt to deal with or

avoid recurring memories and the emotions that are triggered by these.

Much of the time in order to solve these problems or difficulties we use our left brain

to find the solutions with little success.

Using creative methods can help people to tap into their much under utilised right-side brain.

This facilitates opportunities for change, for raising self-awareness,

building inner resilience and aids relaxation.

In the past I have sometimes felt like I was heading for a long root canal

~ as I approached an appointment for therapeutic help.

My experience of receiving supportive attention from Carolyn is very much the opposite of that.

 My heart & mind can often feel like a complex, overwhelming, unfathomable mess

~ and though I have found my own way over the years to ‘be with’ myself

and allow the process of being alive to find its own steps forward that are right for me,

as whole . . . I still need someone sitting alongside me who knows how to support that process,

while ‘ getting out of the way ‘. Not everyone can do that so easily 

. . . Carolyn manages to create a space where creative, playful, growth is possible, 

primarily because I do not feel ‘ pushed ‘ towards it.

I have already recommended Carolyn to a friend in need of some support

and am glad to have found someone of her quality to work with 

on the process of living a bit more consciously.

Male, 38

When to use a creative approach?

Whenever you want to!  Or even if you are remotely intrigued by it.

It can be extremely useful if you are having difficulty verbalising your feelings and experiences.

Many pencils different colours on white background


  • The opportunity of creative expression – use of a range of expressive art therapies

such as painting, drawing, clay, writing, music, film, movement, etc.


  • Increased self awareness and understanding
  • Releases mental tension and trapped emotions
  • Aids relaxation
  • Builds resilience & promotes self trust
  • Develops self expression
  • Enhances your connection to feel joy
  • Recovery from trauma


Still In Our Hearts is a film about suicide bereavement. It offers first-hand accounts
of the challenges faced by Lifelink Adult clients who have lost family members and /
or friends to suicide.
My approach to this project was to be more creative and to give the participants an
opportunity to express themselves in a unique way, which would also benefit other
people in the local community. Before we started filming we had a series of different
therapeutic workshops which focused on different aspects of their grief. They then
had the opportunity to share as much or as little of their experiences as they wished.
Being filmed was also part of the therapeutic process, as was seeing the impact that
their film had on others who had also been bereaved by suicide.
The project was led by myself while I was working for Lifelink, funded through the
North East Glasgow Suicide Prevention Partnership by Positive Mental Attitudes
/NHS and produced by thirteensquared  http://thirteensquared.co.uk