Pure Potential Scotland | About Me
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About Me


I am passionate about supporting the transformation of negative and outdated emotional,

mental and behavioural patterns to free ourselves, realise our potential and embrace who we are.

I have lived experience of mental health issues

and spent a number of years in early adult life feeling trapped inside suicidal thinking.

During these times I struggled with an eating disorder

and used drugs & alcohol in an attempt to block my feelings & thoughts.

Thankfully I have now overcome these issues and have made it my life’s purpose

to support others who struggle with living.

The work I do focuses on connections,

 connections to ourselves, to others and with the world we live in.

I specialise in the areas of suicide and crisis and see these as gateways for transformation.

I am a motivated, creative, and compassionate person who sees humanity with both

its lightness and its darkness and am willing to ‘dance’ with both.

I have worked on the frontline with people for 17 years, within the mental health

and addiction fields, working with people who have experienced multiple traumas,

those in crisis and individuals wanting to kill themselves.

I have worked in various services from a volunteer to project worker to management,

as well as setting up and running a crisis intervention service

for people at risk of suicide and/or self harm.

I love to dance and express myself through movement on my own and with others.

I have been practising Movement Medicine for 9 years

and am now a Movement Medicine Apprentice.

I am also a Physical Theatre Practitioner and passionate about

creative expression and storytelling.

I support people to reconnect to their bodies, and to themselves.

Rebuilding a relationship with your body and your physicality

can be an important step in transforming and empowering yourself.

Most important to me is our reconnection to hope, joy and love;

to our true selves.